I’m sitting here studying for the Econ 300 test tomorrow. I actually think I’ll be ok if the quiz questions we’ve seen so far are anything like the test. I’ll probably study about 3 more hours tonight and then some in the morning. I honestly don’t think studying a lot for this kinda stuff matters much once you get in there. You know the formulas and the process or you don’t.

I was thinking today about how scared I was during much of my childhood during all the surgeries and whatnot. Then I thought of the Jews during the Holocaust. I cannot, based on my past, imagine how horrid it must have been for them. I faced pain, but it was under controlled conditions, and Mom and Dad were always there to watch out for and take care of me. The poor Jewish kids had no one to watch out for them since they were tore from the arms of their parents. That’s just horrible. I don’t really know why I thought of that, but I did. I guess the Jews that survived that are proof that humans are made of tougher stuff than it would seem.

Busy, busy, busy

Senior Year is shaping up exactly as I thought it would: I’m incredibly busy and time seems to be flying by. My horrid math class is going OK so far, but I’m saying that before we’ve had our first test. I’ve done good on the quizzes, but those questions are usually just a taste of what you see on the tests. The wierd part is that I do very well on the Calculus and higher math, but the Algebra always gets me. Oh well.

I’m off to get a haircut in a minute or so. I decided I don’t like shaved-head Trav so much. So I’m going back to regular-hair Trav with Kung-Fu Grip™.

Classes & such

Today ends the second week of classes. My first impression is that I’m not going to have too many problems. My Econ 300 class is going to require a lot of studying, but other than that, I dont’ think I’ll have to work too much.

I have an art class that’s really interesting. It’s an art & computer class. All of our work is done either in Illustrator or Photoshop AND on a Mac. So far, I really prefer my PC over the cutesy, slow machine from Steve Jobs & company.

I have been playing Star Wars Galaxies for about a week and have managed to achieve the title of Master Artisan. I have never played a massively multiplayer online game that allows you to gain a useful position in the society so fast. Some sociologists should study the dynamics of these kinds of games. There is a lot of player interaction.

First Day of Class

I’ll head off to my first class here in about 15 minutes…I slept good last night, which is a first for me on a night before classes begin. It’s amazing how confident I am…Not a care in the world really. I guess it should be that way after 17 years of the first day of class. I’m going to break this semester in half!!! The marathon is almost over. As tempting as it would be to get my masters now, I just don’t think I want to. Trying to do something academically without doing it wholeheartedly is stupid, so, I’m going to jump straight into the job market. Carpe Dium!

Boys of Summer

In a few days, I’ll no longer be one of the boys of summer. That’s cool though. I’m ready to get this show on the road. Senior year feels somehow different than the years before. I guess it’s because the marathon is almost over. I’m going to see Freddy Vs. Jason here in a few minutes. It’ll probably be the campiest, dumbest piece of trash ever, but it’s free!!

Four Days

Four days from now, I’ll be back in Morehead. The summer has been ok. I got to do pretty much whatever I wanted and Mom and Dad paid me really well to run errands three or four times a week. I think I’m ready to be really busy again for awhile. By Halloween, I will regret saying that, but that’s the way it always goes. I’m hungry. I think I’ll shower and go out.

Cat Pics

I have turned into one of those wierdos who posts
pics of their cat, but hey, I love the little furball.

Neat Link & the Future

I just found a super-cool site for any computer junky. It’s a dictionary of computing terms. It defines the common terms and the obscure. Check it out at

I went to the vocational school today to inquire about that job. Turns out, the computer appplications teacher isn’t retiring, however, the computer repair guy is looking to leave within the next year or so. So, I’m going to apply for that job in case I can get it after he leaves. And, there’s a possibility I could get a job working as full-time webmaster for a midwifery school. I don’t think it pays well, but the possibility is there. Anyway…

Future Possibilities

I just found out last night that there will be an opening for a computer applications teacher at the vocational school here in Leslie County after I graduate college. I don’t know what the requirements to teach there are exactly, but I’m pretty sure you don’t need a teaching degree. And I know I can teach the material. If I did get this job, I’d get 2.5 months off every year. The drawback: Starting salary is about 28K per year. I’m not going to sweat it until Monday, after I have went to see if the job is actually open and if I have the necessary qualifications. Anyway…

Harry Potter #5 & Storm

So I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It was good and there were many things about the Harry Potter universe that were explained quite well.

In other news, I am now feeding a little kitten that I found on my back porch. Due to her dark gray color and firey nature, I have decided to call her Storm. Mom doesn’t want her around, but that’s OK. She won’t put Storm into the pound as long as I keep showing the little furball a great deal of affection. I just wish I could’ve gotten her long before I had to go back to Morehead.