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Winget UI is an Easy Way to Keep Your Windows Programs and Apps Up to Date!

WingetUI is a very easy-to-use tool for installing and updating Windows software. Winget is a great package manager included with Windows, but it requires use of the Command Line, which many people find very intimidating. WingetUI provides a Graphical User Interface that allows user to point and click to accomplish the same things without typing… Read more »

Dual-boot Windows Technical Preview (aka Windows 10) on a UEFI-Enable Computer

I’m really excited about the Windows Technical Preview (aka Windows 10) that was released today. I decided to forgo a virtual machine and dual-boot it on my laptop running Windows 8.1. My laptop is an Asus G55VW and the existing Windows 8.1 installation being setup in UEFI (with the requisite GPT partition scheme). I downloaded… Read more »

A Fix for Windows Installer Error 3728

If you ever get a Windows Installer Error Code 3728, I found a really easy fix that might work for you. ( I say might because I’ve had many problems with MSI installers over the years and it has normally been a lot of trial-and-error to fix them.) As with any fix I post, follow… Read more »