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Jerry Travis Smith

Jerry Travis Smith

This site is maintained by Jerry Travis Smith. I’m your everyday geek. I like building websites, so much so that I am a part-time consultant for ProsumTech, LLC, my single-member LLC. For my full-time gig, I teach business and computer courses to secondary students¬† at the Breathitt Area Technology Center. Additionally, I usually teach a class for Hazard Community and Technical College each semester.

I married my beautiful wife Becca on May 27, 2006.

This site has a little bit of everything on it, since I started it started the site in 2001 and converted it to a blog in 2003. Over the last 7 years or so, the site is almost exclusively dedicated to technology tips and tricks. I don’t post a lot, but anytime I figure something out of value that might save someone a little bit of headache, I try to post it here. I’m comfortable with Windows, OS X, Linux (mostly server-side), and Android, so you’ll find a little about all these things scattered about the site.

The format of the site itself changed drastically on July 12, 2009 as I switched from a custom blogging engine to WordPress. I love writing my own solutions for web apps, but I just couldn’t pass up all the things that WordPress allows me to do. To get everything running properly, I even had to write a WordPress plugin to regenerate missing post slugs.

I have some old pictures posted in my photo gallery, but most newer photos go on Facebook or Google+.

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Kate Lysevych

Hello Jerry, I’m Kate from the NetSpot team. I’ve checked out your article about WiFi signal and Heatmapper. It’s a great post! However, Heatmapper is for Windows only. So, I’m just wondering whether you could be interested in trying the only professional software for WiFi site survey for macOS? I’m talking about NetSpot. For more information you can check our website:

Could I give you NFR license for NetSpot PRO to try it out?

We would be very grateful if you could review NetSpot, or perhaps mention it in your posts.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hi Kate,

I just now saw this comment. I see that it was over two years ago. I will gladly review your software if you are still interested in providing me a license and post a review on the site. I will also link to that review from the Heatmapper post so people can find it. I can also do a video on YouTube about it: https://www.youtube.com/JerryTravisSmith I don’t have that many subs (as you can see) but it would make interesting content nonetheless.

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