I’m sitting here studying for the Econ 300 test tomorrow. I actually think I’ll be ok if the quiz questions we’ve seen so far are anything like the test. I’ll probably study about 3 more hours tonight and then some in the morning. I honestly don’t think studying a lot for this kinda stuff matters much once you get in there. You know the formulas and the process or you don’t.

I was thinking today about how scared I was during much of my childhood during all the surgeries and whatnot. Then I thought of the Jews during the Holocaust. I cannot, based on my past, imagine how horrid it must have been for them. I faced pain, but it was under controlled conditions, and Mom and Dad were always there to watch out for and take care of me. The poor Jewish kids had no one to watch out for them since they were tore from the arms of their parents. That’s just horrible. I don’t really know why I thought of that, but I did. I guess the Jews that survived that are proof that humans are made of tougher stuff than it would seem.

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