Harry Potter Laggard

I just finished the 4th Hairy Potter book. I really enjoyed it even moreso than the first three. I was certainly not expecting it to turn out the way it did. Of course, I don’t think I ever really expected the endings of any of the books to happen that way…I have the 5th book in front of me now but I’m quite tired considering I read 450 pages today. Since I gotta lift tomorrow, I’m off to bed. I wouldn’t want to have a sloppy day at the gym on account of a “children’s book.” :)

C++.NET & Shaved Head

I made some serious progress today with the C++.NET compiler. I actually built a dialog box, tied it into a class, and got it to compile. Windows programming isn’t really that hard when you consider that most of the really confusing stuff is hidden away in the API. The biggest problem is the “I want to do this. I know it can be done easily. But how do I do it?” scenario. I guess that’s just the fun of programming.

I shaved my head today. It’s not skin-head shaved or anything. The hair is uniformily 1/2 inch long. It feels really nice but I’m sure I look right. Let’s let public opinion decide that.

Back Home

As good as Indiana was, it’s great to be back home. I’m very tired…I did manage to get the new C++.NET compiler, even though I had to go all over creation to find it (thank God for CompUSA). Hopefully, I can now put my book to good use and learn how to write Windows apps.

The folks and I are planning on going to see the exhibit at the Kentucky Horse Park on Medeval horse armor and knights. I really want to see this. I think we’ll catch a Legends game while we are at it.

Here in Salem, IN

So I’m sitting here, using AOL for Internet Access, in Salem, IN. Came up for a visit with my cousin. It’s been a pretty good visit. I fixed my cousin’s friends computer and she’s pimped me out to fix another.

I’m going to Circuit City tomorrow to buy the C++.NET compiler. I got the new Dell for the sole purpose of using that compiler and have just now managed to scrape together enough money to buy it. I haven’t been this excited about a purchase in a long long time. I’m also picking up the first season of Buffy for my little cousin (who is now dreadfully hooked on the show). It should be a good time. Later.

Buffy Binge

The best part about this summer has to have been the amount of Buffy I have actually gotten to watch. For my DVDs, I’d say I probably made it through the 3rd season once more, and so far, I’ve managed to watch the 4th season twice. I have even made a point to go back and watch all the commentaries (many of which I had not watched). FX airs 2 Buffy reruns everyday, so I have gotten to see season 5 and 6 (which I hadn’t seen). I usually do most of my Buffy watchin’ late at night right before I go to bed. I tape the reruns on the PC and of course my DVDs are here whenever I need them.

Archive system

The archive viewer is now up and running. The archived entries are displayed from oldest to newest for now, but I will fix it so that the archives are displayed newest to oldest. I’m too tired to fool with anything else right now, but there will be more to come later.

The reply system

The reply system is up! Yay! Now you can post replies to my little rants. The archive system should be up by tommorrow or Saturday. I’m very happy.


I saw T3 the other day. Not that great!