TV Premiere Night

So Friends premiered its 10th and final season last night. While I did laugh, I cannot say it was a memmorable opener. The show, as bad as I hate to say it, is tired. The writers have ran out of ideas and I feel the cast is so ready to move on that they just don’t care anymore. I just hope all involved can pull it together to give the show the awesome ending it deserves.

ER premiered also with pretty much the same story. It wasn’t bad but it didn’t leave me with my mouth opened like last year’s. The underlying thread that the season will follow was not introduced. On a brigther note, a new med student was introduced that should prove quite interesting.

The new show Coupling also made its first appearance. I give the show no more than five episodes. The show tried so hard to freak me out with its toilet humor. I guess the writers wanted me to say, “Oh my God! They can’t say that!” The truth is that we have had far too much South Park, The Shield, and Nip/Tuck to think that now. Cable TV isn’t that far from HBO now. The creators of Coupling obviously haven’t been watching enough TV lately.

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