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Windows 10 Lockscreen Picture Saver

TLDR Version: Download the program below to make it easy to save Windows 10 Lockscreen Images. Extract the file and run the .exe with the blue icon. Double-click on any lockscreen wallpaper you wish to save. Point to the folder where you want to save it and give it a filename. Click “Save.” Enjoy your… Read more »

Fantastic New Local Pizza

My good friend Kelly Clibern has started Kel’s Patriot Pizza in Campton, KY. It really is fantastic pizza. He’s using some sort of sauce that has a very unique flavor. On top of the food being great, I really like that it’s a family-owned business being run by his wife, kids, and himself. Having your own… Read more »

Introducing Jerry.Education

I have created a new domain,, as a place to aggregate all of my educational resources. I feel it will help more people find my digital literacy resources than just hosting them here, as the URL itself is rather self-descriptive. I am going to leave the Desktop Publishing Projects page here for legacy purposes,… Read more »

Legend of Zelda Ringtone (Orchestral Style)

I wanted a Legend of Zelda ringtone for my phone. I didn’t want a MIDI because the MIDI engine on pretty much everything these days are terrible and it will sound nothing like the Zelda Theme we all know and love. In my search, I ran upon this awesome orchestral rendition of the Zelda Overworld… Read more »


Tomorrow, voters will go to the polls in the 91st district and make their choice for State Representative. Win, lose, or draw, I am proud to have stood by Mike  over the last 11 months trying to let the world know why Mike Bryant is what the 91st district needs. Throughout this entire campaign, Mike… Read more »