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More Geek Slang Than You Knew Existed

Wikipedia is either a linguist’s nightmare or dream, depending on his disposition. This free online encyclopia offers tons of definitions that are years ahead of any formal dictionary. The entries are continually checked and updated as needed by a huge army of loyal contributors. Click here to check out one of the best geek-speak encyclopedias… Read more »

The Joy of Staying Put

This is the first time in four years that I don’t have to pack up %50 of what I own and head to Mom and Dad’s for a month. I can now leave everything exactly where it is. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be heading there for all the neato food, but I don’t have… Read more »

Blue Hair

I got my hair cut at Wal-Mart this morning. (Before you laugh, I think she did a fantastic job.) After Robin, the stylist, had finished with the cut, she pleaded with me to put some blue gel in my hair. I’ve never had colored hair in my life (not even on Halloween), but it’s two… Read more »

Two Monitors!

I got the DVI cable I ordered from today and hooked my new 19″ flat panel to the all-digital DVI connector on my video card. I must say, the digital connection makes a load of difference in terms of image quality. Text, graphics, and colors are so much sharper than with the analog connection,… Read more »

19″ of Fun

I bought a 19″ flat panel monitor (the Viewsonic VX910) last Saturday. It’s great. I wish I would have had it in college. It’s glorious 19″ fully viewable screen weighs only 18.7 pounds, as opposed to my 17″ CRT that weighed in at about 65 pounds. This is the best thing I’ve bought since I… Read more »

Newest Firefox Rocks!

Mozilla’s newest release of its Firefox Browser rocks. Whatever bugs were in the previous releases have been more than resolved and it now renders faster than Opera. There’s also a new extensions manager that will automatically update your extensions automatically. Click here to find out more and download your free copy!

The Difference Between AND and OR

Somehow, someway, it has come to my attention that the meanings of “and” & “or” are not understood very well by a large number of people. Let me stand on my Internet Soapbox and clarify. “And” indicates that both conditions must be met. If I say “Jack and Jill,” it means both individuals together. In… Read more »

Pearls Before Swine

I’ve been reading this delightful little comic for awhile called Perls Before Swine. I LOVE the swine! He’s like Charley Brown, except his world is a bit more grown up.

Ghetto Fabulous

I’m living in Jackson, KY in a truly ghetto fabulous rental trailer. The trailer itself isn’t that bad, except for the must smell and buckled flooring. In my living room, there’s a futon, my computer (functioning as a TV), a desk, and my shiny, new satelite receiver with 120 beautifully digital channels. My kitchen has… Read more »

Using Windows Update

Windows isn’t perfect. There’s barely a need for me to make such a statement, but for those of you who may have only been using a computer for a couple minutes, you may have needed warning. Microsoft has gainfully included Windows Update, which is a way to update Windows so that everything is (supposedly) safe… Read more »