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Google Tips

Google, the world’s most popular search engine, has more tricks than a New York brothel. Some of these tricks are as follows: Search within a specific site – by searching “ keywords” (without the quotes), you can restrict Google’s searches to a specific site. For example, if I typed “ patience” into Google, only… Read more »

Definition of the Swap File

Has Windows ever rudely informed you that your computer is low on Virtual Memory? If so, you have run out of swap file space. What Microsoft calls “Virtual Memory” is known as the swap file to the rest of the computing world. No matter what you call it, the swap file is a file or… Read more »

Microsoft Tweak UI

Are there a lot of small things that bug you about Windows? Do you hate the little arrow in the corner of shortcuts? Do you wish you could remove some of the crap you don’t use in the “New” menu when you right click on the desktop? This is all stuff that can be easily… Read more »

Long time no post

In my neverending quest for the perfect website, I’m once again reworking the innards of this beast. I have a server and database running locally on my PC, so none of my readers (all 3 of you) will have to witness the constant test messages and crashes. When I’m done, running my site will be… Read more »


I remember going to school one day when I was about eleven, wearing two of my favorite things: A pair of faded overalls and a fuschia t-shirt Mom had bought for me. I loved that shirt, not because of its brilliant color but because of its texture: It was so soft and smooth. And, as… Read more »

O’ 2D Where Art Thou

I’ve been playing Castlevania: Lament of Innocence again, which I have not done since January. I love the game. The music, graphic, and atmosphere are absolutely awesome. The one problem, however, is that the game is 3D and suffers from some horrible camera angles. It’s not Leon Bellmont’s fault, though. The truth is, I just… Read more »

Six Mullets In a Row

Even while living in Eastern Kentucky, it is rare to see six, full-blown mullets sitting in a row. I managed to see such a sight while visiting the local theater to watch Shrek 2. I have seen a family of five mullets before, but not six. What makes this sighting even more special is that… Read more »

The Scar of Impending Happiness

Harry Potter and I share a very distinctive quality: A scar that burns when certain events are close. Harry’s scar is shaped like a lightning bolt, located on his forehead, and burns whenever he gets close to his arch-nemesis, Lord Voldemort. Mine, on the other hand, is shaped like a smiling mouth, is on my… Read more »

Joan of Arcadia

Everybody knows I’m a TV junkie. If I had to give up TV or the Internet, I honestly think I could part with the Information Superhighway first. My newest TV viewing pleasure is CBS’s Joan of Arcadia. For those who aren’t familiar, the show follows a 16 year old girl named Joan who is visited… Read more »

Stuff & More Stuff

For the record, this is definately the most unfocused post ever, but I have a lot on my mind: Topic #1: Employment – Thursday, I went to get a data entry job at this little shop in town. I filled out about 5 different forms, waited for 20 minutes for the guy to come back,… Read more »