Using Windows Update

Windows isn’t perfect. There’s barely a need for me to make such a statement, but for those of you who may have only been using a computer for a couple minutes, you may have needed warning. Microsoft has gainfully included Windows Update, which is a way to update Windows so that everything is (supposedly) safe and secure. To run Windows Update, do the following:

  1. Open up Internet Explorer.
  2. On the menu bar at the top, click Tools, then click Windows Update
  3. If a dialog box appears asking you if you want to install an updated version of Windows Update, click Yes
  4. After the Windows Update page loads, click on Scan for updates
  5. There will be an indicator telling you how far along the scan for updates has proceeded. If you haven’t updated Windows recently, this process can take quite some time. Be patient, especially if you’re on dial-up.
  6. Once the scan has completed, you’ll be presented with a list of Critical Updates and Service Packs. Sometimes, there are application and driver updates also, but the Critical Updates are the ones you really need to get.
  7. To add an update you wish to install, click the Add button below the update. If you want to remove an update, click the Remove button. Note:Critical updates are automatically added to the list of updates to be installed.
  8. When you have selected all the updates you wish to download, click Review and Install Updates
  9. The download of the updates will begin. Once installation has taken place, you may have to restart you computer.

It is important to run Windows Update at least once a week, or daily if you can. The Critical Updates eliminate a majority of the security vulnerabilities, and render worms like Sasser and Nimda useless. So remember, UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE!



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