Ghetto Fabulous

I’m living in Jackson, KY in a truly ghetto fabulous rental trailer. The trailer itself isn’t that bad, except for the must smell and buckled flooring. In my living room, there’s a futon, my computer (functioning as a TV), a desk, and my shiny, new satelite receiver with 120 beautifully digital channels. My kitchen has a patio table and chairs. On my bar sits Jessica the beta fish. (By the way, Jessica has been blowing tons of bubbles since we got here. I think he digs the place.) My bedroom has my bed, nightstand, and dresser. I am hummed to sleep every night by the sound of my window unit air conditioner and a tiny dehumidifier. It’s all definately worth of MTV Cribs.

I’m teaching Office Technology at the Breathitt County Area Technology Center. I love teaching. It’s a blast. You never know what the kids will come up with each day. The paperwork is killing me, but I think I’ll be alright. Today is the first day I’ve come home earlier than 6PM. I get paid on August 30, at which time I’ll surely tell you I love the job that much more.



is the fish a dude? you say he. i always thought mccarty was a bit manly.


Jessica the beta fish is a male. Jay Atwood named him over Spring Break in 2003. Jay was babysitting for me and decided to give him a name that would really piss me off…


Congrats on how well you like your new job, man. Can Mary and I get you a trailer warming present? If so, what do you need to make your place even ghetto fabuluser? (Fabuluser? …well you get my point.)


Hi MR. SMITH. its Heather (5th period, loudmouth blonde) u gave me ur address like a week and a half ago, but today is the first day i actually got my lazy self to a computer and checked it out. Fabulous work :) im definetely jealous. :D btw fishes are WAY kewl, i had a fish once….but it died :( lol. now i have a cat. she hasnt died yet, and i’ve had her a while. LOL! ne hoo, nice site. i didnt get a chance to explore. so i shall go do that now. i’ll be looking forward to the 30th, i bet ur in a good mood that day. HAHA! toodles!

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