The Difference Between AND and OR

Somehow, someway, it has come to my attention that the meanings of “and” & “or” are not understood very well by a large number of people. Let me stand on my Internet Soapbox and clarify. “And” indicates that both conditions must be met. If I say “Jack and Jill,” it means both individuals together. In other words, both things on the side of and have to be included.

“Or,” on the other hand, is not inclusive. It means only one of the two conditions or nouns surrounding or has to be met. If I say “Jack or Jill,” it means that if I have either one, regardless of the presence of the other, the condition has been met.


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i haven’t seen or heard from you since like july. did one of your students kill you?

Jon Hopson

Here’s a question for you Trav, from your ole buddy Hopson whose now living in Fields Hall.

Which has dominance in an and/or relationship in a statement?

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