Microsoft Tweak UI

Are there a lot of small things that bug you about Windows? Do you hate the little arrow in the corner of shortcuts? Do you wish you could remove some of the crap you don’t use in the “New” menu when you right click on the desktop? This is all stuff that can be easily changed using Microsoft’s free Power Toy Tweak UI for Windows XP. (UI stands for user interface.) The things this utility allows you to change should have been automatically included with Windows XP, but Bill G. in his infinite wisdom decided that it adds too many options for users. As with all Power Toys, Microsoft provides no support (like we ever call them up anyway). In addition to Tweak UI for Windows XP, there is also an Tweak UI 1.33, an older version that works with all versions of Windows (XP, 2000, Me, 98, 95, & NT). Tweak UI 1.33 actually has some features that the newest version does not.

Installation Notes: To install Tweak UI for Windows XP, simply double-click on the downloaded file. A regular Windows install routine walks you through the process. A shortcut to the program is placed on the Start Menu.

To install Tweak UI 1.33:

  1. extract the files
  2. go to the folder where you extracted the files
  3. right-click on the file tweakui.inf
  4. choose install from the pop-up menu
  5. close the help box that opens up once the install is complete

To launch Tweak UI 1.33, go to the Control Panel, and double click on the Tweak UI icon.



Yep. I tried it out. Still re-renders pages when you press “Back.” I use Mozilla 1.7 RC2 because it doesn’t have this problem.

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