Harry Potter #5 & Storm

So I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It was good and there were many things about the Harry Potter universe that were explained quite well.

In other news, I am now feeding a little kitten that I found on my back porch. Due to her dark gray color and firey nature, I have decided to call her Storm. Mom doesn’t want her around, but that’s OK. She won’t put Storm into the pound as long as I keep showing the little furball a great deal of affection. I just wish I could’ve gotten her long before I had to go back to Morehead.



I hope your mom lets you keep it, and takes care of it while you are at school. Pets are great aren’t they? I am way too attached to Boss and we have only had him a couple of months.


Truth be known, the character Storm from X-Men played into the name. The fact that Halle Berry plays that character puts her indirectly into the line of fire for the naming of kitty.

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