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Internet Explorer Woes

We all probably use Internet Explorer (IE) several times a day. It flawlessly renders our pages while allowing us to seemlessly download helper apps so we can experience sound, video, and animation. It truly is the easiest browser out there. However, I am seriously considering not using IE anymore not because it isn’t great for… Read more »

Bill G.’s Little Secret

This article recently posted on MegaGames suggest that the gods of Redmond have a dirty little secret: They’ve been cheating on their own Windows 2003 Enterprise Server!!! That’s right, boys and girls. Bill G. and company have apparently been using Linux in order to provide downloads to its London customers. I guess they need high… Read more »


Life is currently good. I found out today that I got out of a nasty final I was really dreading. I also got $78 for selling back two books. That’s awesome. I’m heading to Lexington tomorrow to do some Christmas shopping with a pocket full of money (not really…but it is more money than I’ve… Read more »

Silicon Sensitivity

According to this CNN article, it is apparently possible for high-tech and industrial terminology to offend people. Using the terms “master” and “slave” to refer to two devices on the same channel has apparently pissed somebody in Los Angeles off. This is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. For one, the devices aren’t… Read more »

Overuse of Braille

Why is it that there is Braille notation on most public things in America? I realize that it is an attempt to give blind people some independence. I have no gripe with that; however, there comes a point when you have to ask, “Why?” I can almost guarantee that the rest of the civilized world… Read more »

The One Break

Sometimes I wonder how much of success in life boils down to luck. Dad always told me that no matter how skilled you are, you need at least one break in life in order to make it. I think he was right. In a few short months, I’ll be striking out on my own trying… Read more »

Legal Music Downloads

I have tried out iTunes & Napster over the last couple days. Each service lets you pay $0.99 for a song or $10 for an entire album. Once you have paid, you download your tracks. You can then burn the songs to a CD if you like. Considering how much flack the RIAA has given… Read more »

Blast from the Past

I ran across a box of old floppy disks last night and inside I found a piece of my history that I’d soon like to forget. I found two floppies that contained my earliest web pages. Apparently, giving someone a little knowledge of HTML is a very dangerous thing to do. I knew nothing of… Read more »

ZIP Drive

I hate this ZIP drive. I bought it in early 1998 just after I got my first computer. (I sold my trampoline for $250 in order to afford it.) Back then, 100 Megabytes on one disk was an amazing feat. To give you some perspective, my entire hard disk at the time was only 500… Read more »


I got back from my excursion to Chicago on Sunday night. I didn’t want to come back. Because of a time shortage, let me just say now that Chicago is a great city. I had so much fun! When I get caught up and things calm down a little, I’ll post the pics I took… Read more »