Blast from the Past

I ran across a box of old floppy disks last night and inside I found a piece of my history that I’d soon like to forget. I found two floppies that contained my earliest web pages. Apparently, giving someone a little knowledge of HTML is a very dangerous thing to do. I knew nothing of good, clean design. These sites are hideous. People were nice to me about them and would say stuff like, “Wow! That looks really good.” I can’t believe they were so nice. Anyway I decided to upload these old pages to show the world how far I have come artistically. Remember, these are to be viewed for nostalgia only.

  • First webpage ever – I put this up sometime around March 1998, shortly after I got the Internet. Notice the star background. This was all the rage back in the day.
  • Leslie County High School in 1998- This was my attempt at the LCHS homepage. I took it over in August of 1998. Notice the wierd buttons that change colors. I think that is JavaScript gone bad.
  • Leslie County High School in 1999-2000 – I revised the LCHS homepage over the summer of ’99 and this was the result. The eagle background is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I was so proud of it. Therm was involved with much of this. I should smack him for allowing me to create such a monstrosity. He and I spent most of the snow days during that time period concocting this.
  • Trav’s HTML Workshop of early 2000 – This is a “tutorial” I wrote for an HTML/Frontpage workshop I did. After looking at this, I wonder why the poor teachers didn’t run from the room. Now I understand why I never recieved the $50 I was supposed to get for “teaching.”
  • Leslie County Bass Anglers – I did this in February of 2000 for a local fishing league. This page is passable, if not the most plain thing I ever did. Apparently, I had started reading some design manuals or something.

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for my cis class we had to look at a site called they have sites listed on there with the multicolored javascript gone bad and the boxes that you have on your first site. i think you’d find the site pretty funny.

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