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Have you ever noticed that no two people pack the same way? I have a chaotic style: I meander around the room doing a visual scan and grabbig stuff I need to take with me and throw it in the suitcase shortly after I grasp it. Surprisingly, I usually don’t forget anything important. Mom, on… Read more »

Steve Jobs and the NExT Big Thing

I started reading a book today called Steve Jobs & the NExT Big Thing. The book chronicles Steve Jobs’ vain attempt to break away from his beloved Apple Computer to found NExT Computer. For those who may not know, Steve Jobs has had a very motley career in business. He co-founded Apple Computer in the… Read more »

Real University Behavior

Being at a university, you expect that curiousity is something to be desired by everyone–including students and faculty. For the most part, I have found it true. However, in several of my computer classes, I have been chastized for deliberately trying to break a program or get the operating system to crash while I was… Read more »

It’s Stability Charlie Brown

The one constant throughout the many years of my life has been the Charlie Brown specials. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown was on last night. I hadn’t seen it in about 5 or 6 years. I guess the urgency to watch wears off as you get older. While I sat there watching, I felt… Read more »

Time Changes Suck

I have never liked daylight savings time. It is neat that it intended to give us more sunlight, but my circadian rythm has never gotten along with shifting the time off by an hour. I am the sort of person who looks at a clock whether I have something urgent to do or not. I… Read more »

Office Space Revisited

I had such a horrible day yesterday. Five and a half straight hours of class followed by two mind-numbing meetings. I decided I needed a little bitter delight, so I popped in “Office Space,” my favorite movie. I realize it isn’t the type of movie that you would normally choose as your favorite, but I’ll… Read more »

Long Day

Geez it’s been a long day. I’m very tired. I have a lot to do before going to Chicago: three tests to take and an art project to finish. Oh well. I don’t have enough dress pants to take with me. Maybe I can get Mom to spring for a new pair of khakis. I… Read more »

Yet Another Site Redesign

I redesigned the site once again. I know, I know. You’re probably thinking “Gee Trav, got too much time on your hands?” Well, the answer is a resounding, “No!” There are two reasons why I’m always monkeying with my site: I love web design and designing a new page is just good practice. Because I… Read more »

Life is funny like that…

Life boils down to a series of associations. The world around me is like a living memory. Smells, sounds, and sensations all drum up some past memory. Everyone experiences this, but sometimes I think I have a higher affinity for it because it’s hard for me to look out the window without reliving something in… Read more »


I have two tests and two quizzes today, back-to-back-to-back. That’s not so bad. I think I’m prepared for them all. The problem is that I’m very sleepy, and sleep deprivation generally leads to stupid mistakes and errors. I can handle just totally getting something wrong on a test but I can’t stand missing something because… Read more »