Nope. I’m not talking about Twilight: New Moon. (My vampire obsession goes a long way back, and doesn’t involve a single, boring, pasty-faced Cullen :) Beck got me an original printing of Snoopy: A New Peanuts Book, which was published in 1958! The Owsley County Public Library was cleaning out old books and Beck, knowing that I love all things Charlie Brown picked it up for me. Too bad for them!

Reading the hundred or so simple 4 pane strips, I’m reminded why I love Charles Shulz: He combines frustration with humor in a way that makes life’s problems seem not so bad. For example, how often have we all wanted to be somebody else? Snoopy imitates numerous people and animals in many of the strips, and he always figures out that the grass isn’t actually greener on the other side. What better way to be reminded of the truth of this idiom than in the form of a lovable white beagle!

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