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Windows 10 Lockscreen Picture Saver

TLDR Version: Download the program below to make it easy to save Windows 10 Lockscreen Images. Extract the file and run the .exe with the blue icon. Double-click on any lockscreen wallpaper you wish to save. Point to the folder where you want to save it and give it a filename. Click “Save.” Enjoy your… Read more »

Fantastic New Local Pizza

My good friend Kelly Clibern has started Kel’s Patriot Pizza in Campton, KY. It really is fantastic pizza. He’s using some sort of sauce that has a very unique flavor. On top of the food being great, I really like that it’s a family-owned business being run by his wife, kids, and himself. Having your own… Read more »

Checking Out the IBM 5150 I Got for Christmas!

Bec got me an IBM 5150 PC for Christmas! In this video, I swap out the MDA video adapter for a VGA adapter and test it out. Here’s some details discussed/discovered in the video: Video Card Since I don’t have an MDA monitor, I install an 8-bit Western Digital PVGA1A-JK based video card. (Thanks to… Read more »

What is Ransomware?

There’s a scary threat sweeping the computing world known as ransomware. Ransomware is a type of harmful software that makes your data unreadable unless you pay the creator money to make it readable again. And, unlike the threats of yesteryear (i.e. viruses, Trojans, rootkits, etc.), it is extremely unlikely that any antivirus software can help… Read more »

Reset Your LimeSurvey Password

Let’s say you forget your LimeSurvey admin password and, very importantly, the server it’s running on cannot send email. Since the normal method for resetting a forgotten password involves email you will need to update the password via the underlying MySQL database.The password is stored as a SHA256 hash, so you need to use the… Read more »

Disable Wi-Fi Assist on Your iPhone to Avoid Excess Data Charges!

In iOS 9, Apple added a feature called Wifi-Assist that the description says “Automatically use cellular data when Wi-Fi connectivity is poor.” Oh boy! New features! Don’t be so enthused. With the decision to default to having this feature turned on, I’m pretty sure Apple has received a big payoff from wireless carriers. Why? Well,… Read more »