Luckiest Man in the World!

My great uncle Bill passed way on Tuesday, and I’ve been really stressed out about it.  He was more like my grandpa than an uncle, so I’ve taken it hard. 

Once again, Becca has proven why she’s the girl I should marry and no one else.  She literally ditched three classes and skipped a test so she could come get me through this difficult time.  I would like to thank her so much. 

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Baby, I love you so much.  I’ll always be there for you no matter what you need!  I can’t wait to see you this weekend even though you just left less than 24 hours ago!!!!  I had so much fun this past weekend with getting to be with you from Wednesday-Sunday and the (very cold) Legends game, and our random "let’s waste gas and be idiots" trip from the park to Nicholasville Rd!!  Thanks for a great weekend!!!!

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