Far away from home…and busy!

Hey everybody, Travis is in Louisville for the next 2 days with Breathitt County ATC FBLA for state competition.  Which, in short translation, means that I have only spoken to him for a total of like, 2 minutes tonight.  For those of you have heard Trav gripe, you know that I love talking to him…a lot.  So, this has been a very stressful day for me, and it won’t end until Thursday.  And then it’s "My Name is Earl and The Office" night, so I feel like I may never talk to Travis again…It’s a sad life!  On the other hand,  I have gotten a lot accomplished since he’s been gone and while he was preparing to be gone.  But, I’d much rather have him than accomplish  stuff any day!!!  Anyway, I love you baby and I’m thinking about you!!!!

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