I can’t wait to see you!


Baby, I can’t wait to see you!  I’ve been missing you so much all week and I know that we are going to have so much fun this weekend!!!

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I was going to add some big sappy post about how much I miss you and can’t wait to see you tomorrow, then I realized if I did there would be two posts, back-to-back, saying the exact same thing!  So instead, I’m posting a reply to let you know that I still miss you like cRaZy and I can’t wait to see your beautiful face tomorrow.  I miss your smile and your hugs, and you rubbing my fuzzy head every morning.  I hope that we can have an awesome weekend, I just wish that RA interviews didn’t have to be in the middle of it…But, it is only 3 hours, I guess we can deal.  I can’t wait to work on invites with you and (hopefully) get them printed out this weekend.  And I’m looking forward to having 2 days to run around and waste gas doing absolutely everything but accomplishing absolutely nothing!  Yay for Barnes and Noble, Kinkos and Stratsburg…(I threw that one in there, I’m going to go look for LeAnne and Jessie’s dresses).  Well, I’m must go now and get clean (YAY) to go to another class with the fabulous Dr. Rompf…

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