I’ve settled (at least partially) back into my parents’ home once again. It’s very odd coming back. I kinda figured I’d be getting my own place and getting a good job. Making a decision to teach has thrown all of that out the window. For at least another couple years, I’ll be very poor and probably living here in the same ol’ room I grew up in. Does this make me a failure? The more I think about it, the more I think no. This arrangement is the road less traveled. Life would have been easier at first had I went for a corporate job. But instead, I’m going to take the position of a servant, hellbent on trying to change a culture that has frustrated me for a long time, for a lot less money. If that’s failure, nothing challenging would ever be worth doing.



there’s perks to your chosen road. just think of all the little cheerleaders eager to pass your class. “mr. smith, is there anything i can do to get an a? i’ll do anything and i mean ANYTHING”. (cue porno music)

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