I Like My Hair

When my Mom wants to change something about herself, more often than not the first place she goes is for the hair. Well, unlike her, I like my hair: it’s short, easy to manage, and keeps me relatively cool. Most importantly, my hair has never been a cited reason for rejection by the chicas.

Since I did want to change something but really dig my hair, I decided to change a few things about my website. There wasn’t anything wrong with the old layout: I just wanted to do something different. And unlike a few times before, I didn’t do a total change. I just wooled around in my stylesheet and shifted some colors and positions here and there. If any of my readers (all 1 of you) really don’t like these changes, I’ll fix everything back. If you are only slightly annoyed by any of this, just deal with it :) Anyway, when graduation finally gets here, I’ll probably be doing a lot of stuff to the backend of my site. Who knows, it may even become useful to somebody besides me.



um, it looks the same to me as it did before. could it be a library lab glitch making it look like that or is it that i’m partially color blind? get any notes on your car lately? bwhahahhahah!!!


The changes aren’t major, but the style of the site has changed some. Look closely at the header and the fonts….How bout the background color?

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