What would I do without you?

I just needed to brag a little bit on the most awesome fiance in the world!  I want everyone to know that while I was sick this weekend Trav was so sweet to me!  He stood by me in my hot/cold streaks where one minute I was burning up and didn’t want him near me to the next when I was covered up to my ears begging him to hold me closer and get me warm.  And then there’s the awful whining that I normally do for cuteness and because I’m spoiled rotten, but that I was physically unable to control from Friday night until just a couple of hours ago.  Not to mention making sure I took my meds (that he went and bought for me) every 4 hours just like I was supposed to.  Then of course, there was the fact that because I couldn’t sit my whole 4 hour shift on Friday night, I had to sit my 8 hour shift plus 2  more hours on Saturday to make up for my staff partner covering for me on Friday.  And Trav was right there by me, on the other side of the desk, for the entire 10 hours~and he didn’t even put up much of a fuss about it.  And then there’s today, in which he has called me at numerous random times throughout the day just to check on me.  Baby, thanks for being the best fiance ever, and thank you soooo much for all you did for me this weekend!  Just you being here with me was the biggest help ever, but I know that all the stuff you did for me has helped me get better faster!!  I Love You Always!

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