The Apprentice was Fun

Something I haven’t actually said in awhile was that tonight’s Apprentice was fun to watch.  This season’s cast of characters is diverse and much more interesting than those of the last couple seasons.  The best thing is that they all seem business savvy. There isn’t a nutjob (despite the fact that everyone thinks Brent is nuts).  I actually think Brent has something several of the others lack: fire.  He’s willing to fight for his right to be there, and Trump has shown numerous times that he admires this quality.  If Brent can use his crazy energy come up with some really good idea that wins, I think he’ll be around for awhile.

I really like it that there are three foreign competitors so far.  The Brittish guy has a huge advantage over the rest of the competitors because he is so freakin’ smooth and eloquent.  Sometimes, I really wish I was Brittish.

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