It’s been a long two weeks!

    It’s been 1 week and 4 days since I was home, and it feels as if it’s been forever.  This week has been very busy, as Trav would put it "I’m a junior now and things are different."  After 2 papers and a test this week and barely having time breath, let alone get out of the building for a while, I’m starting to feel like a  prisoner in my own room!  I was actually excited about getting to sit desk tonight, it meant I was staring at my ceiling for once!  I get out of prison tomorrow morning at 8 and I’m excited about meeting Travis for lunch in Jackson at 11!  It’s going to be a busy, but hopefully fun, weekend.  We have all kinds of plans made and it will be interesting to see which ones actually pan out!  I’m off to pretend like I work hard…but everyone knows I don’t! 



Hey Doodle,

Fix my boo-boo.  I meant to say I WASN"T staring at my ceiling. thank yo!  Becca


I mean thank you!!  It’s choking and I keep messing up…Love, Becca

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