Significant desk hours…I know, weird!

So, I’m sitting at the front desk of the lovely “(J)ewell Hall” and I realized these two hours are actually pretty significant. Not that they are any different than any other hours, easier actually, because only 5 residents are here. Basically, these hours just signify that I’m only one semester away from beginning the best journey I’ve ever taken. Trav and I will get married soon after next semester! These hours mean that we will lose residents and gain them and while it’s good to meet knew girls, I’ll miss the ones that are gone. I was told an RA that worked here was “snobby, rude, thought he was all that” and I dreaded working with him. Now, as he will graduate this semester, I have to say I’m going to miss him. We’ve become good friends, and I never saw any of those attitudes coming from him. It’s going to be sad telling him goodbye and good luck today. Granted that I didn’t fail my take home exam, I’ll begin a new major next semester and that should be filled with lots of craziness and excitement for me to gripe about. Somehow, over the last semester, I feel like I’ve grown a lot. Sure, Trav still has to baby me, but overall, I think I’m ready to be an adult. Goofing off will always be a part of my personality, but I’m ready to be responsible-clean up after myself, buy my own food, pay my own bills. I’ve never really been “irresponsible” but I would have been nervous up until this semester to run my own home and deal with everything myself. Now though, I think me and Trav have it under control! This RA job teaches you responsibility in more ways than you realize, it’s like you are the “sub-Mom” of 70 people and all you can do is deal. It’s pretty quite here today, as most residents are gone, but a little quite time is good every now and then to reflect on how such little things can be so significant. Of course in January, I’ll go back to griping about my job and having to sit desk, but I know in May I’ll start to think about the past year and get a little teary-eyed (I’m sensitive like that!). Just in case any of my residents ever visit this site: Thanks for a great semester!

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