I hate it when I can’t sleep. I’ve never been much of an insomniac, seeing as how I’m usually the first person in the bed. Tonight, though, my brain won’t shut up. I’m downloading Yellow Dog Linux ISOs from here at the Sheraton in Lexington, and all I can think about is whether or not it will work on the little G3 iBook. I sure hope so, considering I paid $10 for the rights to use this connection. At least it’s relatively fast. Lo and behold, typing this post has actually called forth the sandman. Just as I planned… :)



I love you always…Even though I did yell and yell and yell at you to go to bed and you didn’t listen.


So I shall do it here!! I’m coming home tomorrow and I can not wait. After days of agonizing (Did I spell that right? Who knows?) over whether or not to skip, I have talked myself into attending my economics class tomorrow. The main reason for doing so is so that on Nov. 11 (2 weeks from now) I won’t feel so bad when I miss econ to spend the entire day with my baby!!! This week has been a whole lot less stressful, with midterms being over and all. My next task is to write an essay for my social work application, due Tuesday! I must go now. Maybe I’ll post more when I figure out how!!! Becca

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