Canon 270EX Speedlite = Awesome

Today, I purchased a Canon 270EX Speedlite for my Canon EOS Digital Rebel T1I DSLR. The camera itself is great for the price, but the built-in flash results in blown out colors, especially at close range. I bought the 270EX because its rotating head allows for bounce flashing. After playing with it for an hour, I think the 270EX will take my flash photography to a whole new level, as the bounced light provides lighting without the loss of subtle differences in color. I’ve missed several good shots in low light conditions since I got the camera because I have been reluctant to use a flash. I think those days are behind me, now that I have better control over the light.

Thus, it is without reservation that I give the Canon 270EX Speedlite the Jerry Travis guarantee.


Camera Wizard


long time reader first time response. I have read your article on the cannnon camera. Congratruations you just bought a 3rd rate piece of equipment. I have a friend/co-worker that recently purchased a Nikon D-90. this camera is simply amazing. Yesterday we were out in the parking lot and he zoomed in on a F-15 fighter plane flying over head. It looked like a small spec in the sky just looking at it with the naked eye. when he photographed the plane we could make out the pilots eye color and last name on his uniform. Lieutenant Edward’s penis size was also displayed on the cameras view finder. After that we went back in to work; after a few minutes at work I heard him grumble slightly under his breath and I realized he had broken his pencil lead. No big deal, right? it was then that I noticed he had his pencil stuck in the side of that D-90 and before I knew it the pencil was sharpened to perfection. My God I’ve never seen a piece of equipment so extravagant! I hate to trample on your little heart and camera but the Cannon is simply a play doh version of the nikon. the money you wasted would have made a decent down payment on the D-90, a real camera! I simply can’t stop thinking about this Nikon my wife filed for divorce yesterday she says that I don’t pay her any attention last night I was too busy lookin at the Best buy ad to join her in a marital act. But enought about her I seen my buddy start his car with that damn camera I never seen a camera that had a keyless start feature for a Ford Can your camera do that? I don’t think so. Tell bec I said Hi!!!


I feel as though the Cannon is a good camera. Even the lower cost models are good cameras I could not imagine that it would be anything close to a “play-doh version of a Nikon” . The Nikon is probally a better camera but the cannon should be techy enough to hang with it. However I do have one question who is the sexy beast of a man located in your photo archives and found by using this link.

Did you use the Cannon to take this picture? Kudos to you Trav, keep up the good work!

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