5 Months and counting

I’m not really sure that any one ever comes to this site anymore, because the wedding is a thing of the past.  But, I’m at work and bored and so I thought I’d update the few who do!  Yesterday, Trav and I celebrated our 5 month wedding anniversary.  He was so sweet!!  After he left for work, Trav called me back at the house to wish me a Happy Anniversary and to tell me he loved me.  Then, after he got off work, he surprised me with flowers-5 of the most beautiful long stem red roses I’ve ever seen with baby’s breath, greenery and a beautiful red vase.  Now, I’ll give Trav the credit that he’s never miss a "month anniversary" since we’ve been together, but usually we just tell each other "Happy Anniversary" and move on with our business.  Trav really blew it over the top this month, and I LOVED it!!  It made me feel so special.  It’s easy to forget the special, sweet things that should happen when you’re living together and experiencing all of the morning breath, dirty laundry and slouchy days.  But, yesterday Trav proved to me that no matter what, he’s a romantic at .  What can I say… I buy him a red stapler and 4 days later, I get red roses.  Isn’t life ironic, don’t you think??

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