They switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler…

Red Stapler - I'll burn down the building!Just when I thought I couldn’t be loved anymore, Beck reveals to me that she has bought me my very own red Swingline stapler! I have wanted one since that fateful day in 1999 when I saw Milton’s on Office Space. If I ever had any doubts about Beck being the perfect girl, they are long gone.

Update: I got the stapler in the mail yesterday. It was everything I was hoping for…and more. It doesn’t bind up as much and…everytime I use it, I think of Becca. How cool is that!



So, I called Trav yesterday on my way home and found out that the stapler had arrived.  I can honestly say out of all the heartfelt, sweet gifts I’ve purchased Trav this one has made him happier than any other!  I’ve decided that any time he gets mad at me from now on that I can say "Hey… I bought you a red stapler…" and he’ll be happy again!!! 

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