Frodo: The World’s Greatest Pug

Believe it or not, I actually have a little house dog now. He’s an adorable little pug named Frodo. We’re working on paper training him right now, but in between cleaning up his messes, he’s actually pretty cute.

Frodo the Wonder Pug mugs for the camera Frodo the Wonder Pug poses Frodo the Wonder Pug takes a nap



Those aren’t spikes. They’re little white pictures of paws. Spikes would work though: He’s got the heart of a lion!


"Those aren’t spikes"


Cute though.  I do chuckle warmly at the entirely geeky name you guys chose :)  Hope potty training hits the upside soon.


he’s the second cutest puppy ever, right after bossie:) bossie is a cream puff though. like the kindergartners who wait for the bus when i walk him in the morning say, "he dresses so tough, but he acts so polite!"

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