Sometimes, You Gotta Ask “Why?”

Sometimes, it’s so hard to understand why I got out of bed that morning. Today was one of those days. The kids were wild today, which is odd, because on Mondays, everybody is usually quite subdued. Three things happened today that made me do a double take and wonder if I were stuck in some awful pedagogical nightmare:

  1. I hand a paper to a student that says Chapter 4 Practice Problem in large bold letters across the top. The student looks at it and asks, "Is this the chapter 4 practice problem?" Why?!?
  2. In animation class, I decided it would be a good idea to review a short exercise about guide layers. I figured the best way to do this would be to have the students walk through a guide layer activity we did about three weeks ago. Before we began the activity, I announced not once, not twice, but three times in my manly teacher voice that "We have already done this activity. I want us to do it again as a review." Not more than thirty seconds after I have made this announcement and written the page numbers on the board did I hear from two different people, "We’ve already done this! Do you want us to do it again?" Why?!?
  3. During break, I was in the hallway watching the kids file in from sixth period. A big, corn-fed boy comes barreling down the hallway and tackles the water fountain mounted to the wall. It knocks him backwards, and when he bounces to his feet and yells, "Take that you son of a…" As if this once incident wasn’t dumb enough, I have witnessed this no less than four times in the last year. Apparently, that water fountain plays a mean right tackle. Why?



Poor baby…Rub it’s little face!  Just kidding sweety, I’m sorry you had a bad day.  I wish I was there with you to make it better.  One day down, three to go…

Love you bunches!


I like the last "Why?".  There’s no exasperation, no "!" or additional "?" to hit at some depth of desperation.  It’s like you’ve given up at that point.

And boy did I resist the temptation to ask a purposefully stupid question here.


Had you asked a stupid question, I would have gotten in my car and drove to Morehead so I could rip your arms off and beat you with them :)

The Infamous Therm!

How the heck did I miss this BLOG omg I nearly fell outta my friggin’ chair the people here in the next couple of cubicles are wondering wtf is going on! . . . OMG the tard tackling the fountain was tooo much!! and then when you add that thats the fourth such incident OMFG! I think I poped a friggin’ blood vessle  . . .all I can say is thank the good lord I’m not a teacher I’d be effin sued before I finished my first day when I call the first tard that came my way an effin moron . . . and don’t even get me started on the "handy-tards"!  . . . roflmao OMG Trav I love your teaching stories  . .. . we need to hang out again sometime soon dude!

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