I Think I Get It…Finally

So, I’m three weeks into my third year as a teacher.  Even though we’re on a seven period day (instead of the last two years’ block schedule), things are much easier now.  The things that I used to find challenging aren’t so challenging anymore. Coming up with lessons is a breeze (especially since they’re only 45 minutes long per day).  I actually have a filing system going that seems to be working, so my massive paperwork pile is slowly dwindling.  Discipline is a no-brainer. I have an air of control that I haven’t really had previously.  My student base is populated with the good kids I’ve had before, which means they like what I’m doing.The best thing is that I honestly think that I can enact some big change in the community this year.  Sure, I don’t think the whole world is going to change overnight or anything, but I think I’ll be able to see a dent this year.  I’ll let everyone know when I think I’ve made some progress, so if you’re a regular reader, stay tuned!


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