Out for the summer!

Tuesday at 10:30 I started my last final of the semester…By 11, I was done with the final and I couldn’t be happier that my semester is finally over!!!!  It’s been a long, stressful year and I don’t think I could ever explain to anybody how hard it has been on me to be away from Travis so much.  I’ve missed him like crazy, and our time together has been far and few between.  While I’ve seen Travis ever weekend, I have hated that I was stuck here so much by school and work that I wasn’t able to spend a lot of special times with him.  Right now, even though I’ve been done with finals since Tuesday, I don’t get to come home for good until Sunday.  Yes, I know, it’s only 5 days, but Travis and I could have lots of wonderful moments together between Tuesday and Sunday.
Well, I hope to be seeing all of you in a few weeks at the most special day of my life-The day I become Mrs. Jerry Travis Smith!  Until then, I’m off to pack up for going home on Sunday and enjoying life with absolutely nothing to do!

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