Here we go again…for the last time…for awhile

Here’s the stuff I’m trying to juggle at the moment:

  • Teaching
    • Planning Lessons
    • Grading Papers
    • Discipline
    • Community Involvment
    • Industry Involvement
  • Internship
    • Portfolio
    • Observations
  • Masters Program
    • School Law Class
  • Homestead
    • Clean house
    • Decorate house (not really a priority)
    • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Becca (which is good, cause I love this part)
    • Seeing her at UK
    • Hanging with her on the weekend
    • Getting married
    • Planning the honeymoon 

I’m not complaining. It just helps to write it out sometimes. I know I can do it. Life is actually falling into place, just where I want it.  Time to put my head down and plow through this like there’s no tomorrow.

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So what do u mean by discipline? U don’t have bad students do u? Surely not!

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