Stupid Shelf

Normally, I try to be a little more articulate when I post about the comings and goings in life in my little space. Today, though, I need to vent. I bought this wonderful industrial shelf at Lowes yesterday in an effort to get my office organized. I set forth putting it together at around 2 p.m. It’s now 11:23p.m and the shelf remains unfinished.

Why?  Because the design is stupid! Yes, that’s right, stupid!  Assembly requires that you "tap" galvanized steel connectors into  little slits in order to make one long beam out of two shorter ones. Tapping on a galvanized connector with a hammer and then tapping the second beam onto the other side of the connector is an extremely difficult process. Because of my clumsiness and inability to hold things straight, the connectors are horribly bent. I managed to get three of the four posts connected, but the last post  is mangled, I’m afraid, beyond repair!  I only hope that Dad can resurrect my mess, since I need (and really like) the shelf!

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I just feel so sorry for you that I can’t hardly stand it.  I guess the "Claude Gross" carpenter in me will have to help you later tonight!  I love you!

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