I got in trouble again…

Trav informed me that I hadn’t posted on the site in like, an hour. So, here it is. Sure, I had four finals this week, but apparently that doesn’t matter! I’m just kidding with you baby! You guys all know that I love to waste time by posting, so I’m happy to keep Trav happy by posting! The good news is that I only have one take-home exam and 1 final left and then I get to come home to my Doodle. I’m sitting desk right now, and one of the residents is going off on the UK dining plan. Good to know that she’s willing to voice her opinion, but it won’t change the plan. UK will always have a mandatory dining plan, and one person isn’t going to change that! I’m off to talk to my mom and try to get started on my take-home! I love you BABY!

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