So, basically I’m just doing this post because I’m bored and I noticed that if I kept trying really hard, all the posts on the home page would be from me! So, Dead Week ends tomorrow which is fabulous because it means finals week is near and soon this semester will be over! I’m sitting desk and I will be so glad when 8 pm comes so I can go do something other than sit here and stare at the door. I get to wash clothes tonight, which will be fun, as always(NOT!). It would be cool to have a nice, pretty snow for Christmas, but as far as I’m concerned this “wintery-mix” stuff is for the birds! I feel like the world should exist at a perfect 73.4 degrees all the time. That would make the world a better place. Don’t ask me why the world would be perfect at 73.4 degrees. In fact, the true question, as I’m sure Trav will agree is… Why not?

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