A Unexpected Visit

Trav came to visit me this weekend at UK. Nothing unusual about that. Happens every time I’m on staff, right? Well, this weekend we had both geared ourselves up to spend the weekend apart as I studied for a test and Trav wrote a paper. Much to my surprise and delite, Trav decided that he’d come see me Saturday evening. Every second I spend with Trav is unforgettable, but something about the unexpectedness of his visit made this visit the best yet. Sure, it was short because he came yesterday evening and had to leave today. Sure, it was, to say the least, weird, because he stayed in my room to write his paper and we were so close, yet so far away from each other while I was working. Sure, it was too hot to cuddle, but isn’t it always? I live in Jewell Hall. But with all of these things considered, I wouldn’t change this weekend for anything in the world.

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