Top 10 Reason Why Becky and Trav Should Get Married

  1. They both love kittens but hate cats.
  2. They both would prefer that multiple food items on a plate not touch.
  3. Neither is bothered by a room that looks like a tornado hit it if they know where everything is.
  4. They both prefer clothes that look like they just got out of bed. (comfy stuff)
  5. She wears watermellon lip gloss; he really likes watermellon-flavored stuff.
  6. They both can quote the first 5 words of any Ron White joke to each other and instantly start laughing.
  7. She doesn’t care that he has a melt-down if he looses his pen; He’s very good at grammar. (Don’t ask.)
  8. They both know what a blivet is.
  9. He writes poems; she likes his poems.
  10. They both think the poker-themed little bathroom is the coolest thing ever.



Trav, is there any way you can get in touch with me? My phone number is 859-227-9574.


I love you and I get off work in an hour and 23 minutes!!! Love, Becca

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