Click here if you want to look at my digital teaching portfolio. It is supposed to represent my teaching from the last year. While I think it’s ok, I don’t think it adequately reflects how much I care about helping my students learn. Teaching is serious business and there is a lot riding on what is taught in the classroom. I think the majority of KY teachers do not take it seriously enough.



Hey Trav,
Just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you and I love you. Have a good day at work, see ya at 4:15!!!


Hey, Trav haven’t talked to you in a while figured I’d check you’re site out and drop ya a comment, I agree with your statement 100% I dunno how many of our H/S teachers just kinda sit around and did nothing even if u wanted to learn half the time u couldn’t . .. . anyway .. get in touch with me sometime dude, I dunno ur new home # and I know ur cell doesn’t work out there .. . . Anyway ttyl dude and btw Hiya Becky!


hey guys! blake showed me this site at work and i thought i’d get on here and say hello to everyone! i miss you blake!!! nice website trav!! sorry about the name; that’s the one i use on blake’s site so i thought i’d use it here too.

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