Simply Wireless

I now have a wireless Internet connection in my humble rental. Granted, it is a wireless connection to a dial-up connection, but I can go anywhere in the house and surf. I’ve taken advantage of it mostly while lounging in my new recliner or kicking back on the couch (also new!). If only I had a toilet built into the recliner…



Yes, Wireless is soo nice. Also, getting DSL is too. Can you believe TDS Telecom finnally has DSL in the Wooton Area. Anyway, I am running 802.11g @ home and at college. Yes, I am protected is a very MAC address level way. I’d hate to think about going back to any form of wired communication, there’s just no flexibility in it.



Wooton has DSL? Wow! Too bad I don’t live there anymore. I live 2 miles out too far to get it here…Grrr.

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