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I have nearly finished my Mozilla Composer Tutorial. It is the result of about three days worth of work. As you’ll notice, there’s a pretty lame Flash animation at the top. Believe me,I wouldn’t have included it if it wasn’t part of the requirements of the project. I’m sure it needs some revisions and I need to add some navigation elements at the bottom of the page, but as it is right now, it’s not a bad piece of tech writing, even if I do say so myself.

I did the whole thing using Macromedia products. It must be said that Macromedia’s FireWorks can really spank Adobe’s Photoshop in some areas. Fireworks’ native file format is readable to any modern browser, thanks to its use of the PNG file format. And, even better, the web graphics produced by Fireworks are smaller with better color saturation. I thought pigs would fly before I would denounce Photoshop, but I think that day has come. Fireworks is king!

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