Ice & Snow

The weather here the last two days has been so incredibly odd. Sunday evening, we were greeted with about half an inch of ice. Looking outside at the crystaline water was incredibly deceptive. The ground looked as though it had maybe a dusting of snow on it. When I went to my 10:20 am class yesterday, I soon discovered why everybody had been asking me if we had class. The streets and sidewalks were covered with ice, so I gimped my way onto the grass whenever possible to avoid busting my tail. By noon, though, the ice was almost completely gone. It had went from 25 degrees to about 65 in about 5 hours!

This morning, I woke up and looked outside. The sky was the craziest shade of orange I had ever seen. It looked as if Morehead were being sucked into some hell dimension (or at least what I imagine it would look like). I showered and came back to the room. The sky had went from crazy orange to a foggy gray in a 20 minute timespan. About an hour later, it started snowing like crazy. Right now, it’s super cold and windy, and it’ll be snowing one minute and clear the next. This is just another example of how Kentucky has some of the most unique weather patterns in the world.

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