Android App Web Color Prototyper Sneak Peak

A couple weeks ago, I alluded to an Android app I’m writing in conjunction with Mike Bryant. As requested by some friends wanting to know what the app does, it is meant to help web designers prototype color schemes quickly.  You set colors for various parts of a sample page and get to see an instant preview of what the colors will look like.  When you’re done, the app will email you the sample page (and more importantly) the CSS that creates the previewed color scheme.

Here’s a screenshot of the app in progress (codenamed WebIris) running on an Android 2.3 tablet emulator (which not-so-coincidentally is setup in a Kindle Fire configuration).

(Click for a larger view)

Remember, this is an early preview. Not all the bells and whistles are represented in this preview ;) We are targeting the app for Android 2.3 devices and beyond. Stay tuned!

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