Our Destiny is NOT Free Enough

I just caught the tail-end of President Obama’s 2011 State of the Union Address. He said something to the effect of “our destiny is still ours to make.” It is with a heavy heart that I must disagree with him.

Slowly but surely, our ability to shape our destiny is being eroded, statute by statute and tax by tax.  President Obama is an advocate of some of the most oppressive legislation of my lifetime. For example, small business will cease to exist in this country as most will be cannibalized by mandatory healthcare supplements for all employees. On paper, this sounds like a great thing, especially for the employees. However, what this will actually do is discourage small business investment because it will create such a high barrier to market entry. Therefore, instead of having a job without insurance, many workers will have no job at all because the small businesses will be forced into extinction.  Therefore, the destinies of thousands of small business owners is now at the mercy of some misconceived, fairy tale legislation.

Furthermore, Obama’s hatred of coal-generated electricity is beyond logic. Yes, coal is a dirty way to generate electricity. Yes, strip mining has some negative effects of the environments. Yes, coal miners face peril and risk life and limb on a daily basis. BUT, do we have another viable alternative that can generate the amount of electricity needed in America today? BUT, is President Obama doing anything to keep lobbyists and utility companies from impeding these alternatives? I think not. I hope that coal can eventually be replaced, but until its replacement is viable, I think mining should continue uninhibited.

The saddest part about my objections listed above is that I, an average person, has no ability to bring about change. My elected officials don’t seem to be listening, or are afraid to do what I (and many others like me) want for fear of retaliation by the majority. I can get on this little website and air my grievances, but that’s not going to do much good (beyond therapeutic value for me). I often wish they’d put some big issues to popular vote, but that wouldn’t do much good. Some self-important, power-monger judge would just overturn whatever we decided if he didn’t like the decision. What this all means is that I hate my destiny but can’t change it because of my government. If that’s not a reason to be sad, I don’t know what is.

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