Mike Bryant is a Change in the Right Direction

When I think about what Mike will do to help Breathitt, Estill, and Lee Counties if he gets elected, I get excited. Why? Because I think Mike will be a strong voice, the likes of which the 91st district hasn’t seen at least in the last six and a half years since I’ve been in Breathitt County. Mike won’t be a mouthpiece for anybody, be it a Republican, Democrat, or Whig. Sure, he knows that he will have to work with the other legislators to make sure the people of the 91st district receive their fair share, but he won’t jump at the majority leader’s every whim. I’m willing to stake my reputation that if Mike gets elected, his voting record will reflect the needs of his district.

I’ve talked to Teddy about 3 times, long before Mike ever decided to run. He’s a nice man, but he doesn’t have a voice of his own. Any time I have asked him what he thought about certain policies or things going on in the legislature, he always fills me in on what all the other representatives thought about the situation. He never indicated to me what he believes or doesn’t believe.

There’s nothing wrong with Teddy being a nice guy, but it is a problem when he isn’t willing to stand up to other state representatives to make sure the 91st district doesn’t get overlooked for the betterment of other districts. Niceness is no substitute for passion! I get the feeling that Teddy votes with other state reps hoping that they’ll vote with him once in awhile, but I don’t think he gets that much backing from others. I realize he has to work with others, but once in awhile, a little bucking might funnel some much-needed resources into the 91st district.

There have been accusations that Mike has been slinging mud. Teddy’s supporters are portraying Ted as a victim of some evil plot to defame him. I have never heard Mike say anything about Teddy’s character. I can’t speak for Mike’s other supporters, but Mike and I aren’t really concerned with Ted’s character. As best I can tell, Ted is a good Christian fellow. My personal reasons for supporting Mike are very clear and they have nothing to do with me thinking Teddy is a bad person:

  1. I think Ted’s voting record does not support the wishes of his constituents.
  2. Aside from some of Ted’s legislation supporting education (which is good but not really that good considering he’s had 8 years to introduce stuff), I think the legislation Teddy has introduced has been lackluster and inconsequential.
  3. Mike is passionate and willing to fight for what the 91st district needs: anti-drug efforts, job opportunities, and infrastructure (high-speed Internet access and better roads).

Teddy’s nice. The current social situation for the hard working people of the 91st district isn’t so nice. Teddy’s approach isn’t working.  Since he isn’t willing to change his approach, I’m willing to change my State Representative.

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