Here, Kitty Kitty

So, I just installed OS X 10.6, aka Snow Leopard. So far, I feel about like everybody else: There are some neat new UI features, but it’s mostly more of the same, only a little faster.

So far, I like the icon resizing slider in the Icon view. Unlike a lot of reviews I’ve read, I think I’ll use this feature a lot. When I’m searching through a folder of pictures, I think this will make me pretty happy, since I like to be able to make the preview icons bigger without having to use Quick Look (which I’m not really a fan of….I know. Everybody else on the planet is, but not me.) Also, the new Expose view that pops up when you click and hold on something in the Dock is absolutely awesome. I never really used Expose much, since I prefer to click and hold on the icon of the program I’m really interested in to see multiple instances. Now that Expose is a function of doing this, I think it will have much more utility for me.

The reports that iLife apps run faster under 10.6 are correct as far as I’m concerned. Granted, the improvements aren’t that noticeable, but some of the pauses that were present before are gone. I’m pretty sure Apple has tweaked the Color LCD color profile. The colors on my October 2007 MacBook seem more vibrant. This could just be me, though. No one else I know has mentioned this. I stand corrected: Straight from Apple, the default gamma settings have been tweaked by +0.4, so the colors are brighter.

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